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Continuing Education 
Courses Online
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In the state of Mississippi, we are proud to offer high-quality self-paced continuing education credits for busy real estate agents. All courses feature our signature dual-modality (audio and visual) delivery method to provide an enhanced experience for all learning styles. MCI's continuing education courses are ADA-compliant and ADHD-friendly, and include audio voiced by MCI's own Dave Davis ... but if you decide you'd rather have "the silent treatment" you can always hit the mute button (and we won't take it personally). 

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What is Continuing Education?

Continuing Education consists of the courses required for retaining your real estate license. This requirement is set forth in state laws and are administered by the state real estate commissions. The specific requirements, time frames and due dates vary considerably across states---as do the requirements for obtaining a license, called pre-licensing, and a supplemental one-time novice training, called post-licensing.  

4 Reasons Why You Should Take Your CE Courses with Us
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State Approved Education

Our well-designed courses combine real world application with state-by-state regulatory requirements.

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Self-Paced Courses

Our courses are designed to be self-paced which you can take anytime, anywhere at your convenience.

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Variety of Options

MREI  is partnered with The CE Shop in offering a wide variety of Continuing Education courses in almost all states.

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Boost Your Career

Our courses help you stay current with relevant industry trends, generate better income and career advancement.

Who Needs Continuing Education?

"Continuing education" refers to a required number of courses agents must complete annually. 

After you’ve completed your post-licensing and have renewed your license, you will need to keep up with your real estate continuing education regularly. Sometimes the requirements for post-licensing and continuing education are very similar. Again, it depends on the state you’re licensed in.

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